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All the slates in our range have been successfully tested for durability, colour, strength, fire and freeze thaw. Many of our competitors use traditional concrete, their slates aren’t protected from the elements, which will expose the aggregate and weather over time.

Example of GRC Construction versus none GRC Construction

GRC v none GRC construction

In a recent document The International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association recommend that for good quality GRC, ductile lifetimes of at least 60-80 years can be confidently expected in UK weather conditions. (Source: www.grca.org.uk).

Sizes and Ancillary

Slate Sizes and Ancillary Products

Dry Ridge Systems and Velux kits are available for our Reproduction Slates

See full range of ancillary products

Technical Specification

  • Weight - 30kgm2
  • Construction - Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement
  • Fixings - Copper or Aluminium alloy nails to BS 5534:2003 codes of practice for slating and tiling
  • Durability - To BS 7543: 1992, 'The durability of building and building elements, products and components'
  • Colour - Coloured through with pigments to BS 1014
  • Fire - None combustible to BS 476 P.T.4
  • Freeze / Thaw - Products comply to BS EN 492:2012
  • Strength - Better than BS EN 492:2012
  • Permeability - To BS EN 492:2012
  • Ventilation - Net free ventilation area - Slate 10,000mm2, Ridge gives 12,500mm2, for 5mm continous air gap install every 2.5m


  • 3” Overlap – Roof pitches between 28 degrees and above
  • 4” Overlap – Roof pitches between 27 degrees and 20 degrees (Double felting and boarding recommended depending on roof exposure at minimum pitches)


Slate Technical Data Sheet
PDF Download Slate Technical Data (210k pdf document)

PDF Download 3" Headlap Batten Layout (650k pdf document)
PDF Download 4" Headlap Batten Layout (650k pdf document)

Durability of Glass Reinforced Concrete
PDF Download Durability of GRC (1.7Mb pdf document)

Documents require Adobe Reader you can download a copy HERE

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Colour and Efflorescence COLOUR: Stone and Slate colours on this website are subject to the limitations of monitor quality and are for guidance only. EFFLORESCENCE: The phenomenon of efflorescence has been a problem to the construction industry for decades. The cause lies in the basis chemistry of all Portland cements. Efflorescence in Greys Artstone products is a temporary phenomena and will disappear over time.

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